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Is an innovative recreational products marketing company. Our primary interests are in cutting edge products for the recreational industry. PEDCO, LLC currently distributes Equestrian and Power sports airbag safety apparel. PEDCO, LLC was established in 2001...

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Pedco Staff
Introducing the Hit-Air airbag safety apparel

Hit Air has introduced the most technologically advanced air vest available on the market. Development of this product began in 1995. It is the first such system that will inflate to provide protection to the wearer's neck, back and hip. The product has been extensively field tested and can be much more effective in reducing serious injury than wearing standard riding gear alone.

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Hit air airbag deployed
Other Services
Graphic Design

Graphic Design:

Our Marketing and Graphic Design service is provided to help people with the development of sales literature and marketing for their new ideas and inventions



Web Design

An extremely affordable solution to marketing and selling our client's finished products or services.


Patent Processing

Patent Processing

Many great ideas are never developed simply because the would-be inventor lacks the knowledge or information of how the patent process works. PEDCO recognizes this problem and offers a preliminary patent searching service.

Product Development

Product Development

Research and development service to help people with the development and marketing of their new ideas and inventions From CAD (computer Assisted Design), 3D modeling, to a working prototype.


Field Test & Review

Field Test & Review

Every year, we have many new products that we must evaluate to determine if they will be appealing and worthwhile for the customers in our specific market. Some of the products may have been around on the market but may not be well known. Other products are brand new and in some cases we may be the first to introduce these products to the US Market.



*June, 2011 - Launching of new hit-air video for equestrian market




*December, 2010 - New Model Advantage. Product presentation, and comparison with another competitor




*October, 2010 - Launching new business to business website:



hitairequestrianUSA website



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