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About Us


PEDCO, LLC is an innovative recreational products marketing company. Our primary interests are in cutting edge products for the recreational industry. PEDCO, LLC currently distributes Equestrian and Power sports airbag safety apparel. PEDCO, LLC was established in 2001.


PEDCO, LLC was the first and is the oldest national distributor for the air bag safety apparel. PEDCO, LLC help to launch the first airbag safety apparel in the USA in 2004 that product was marketed as the Airetronics brand. Then in 2006 PEDCO, LLC became the firs national distributor for the Hit-air apparel, manufactured by Mugen Denko LTD of Japan.


Core Competence

PEDCO's owners have vast experience in the motorcycle industry and in law enforcement--making our company and web presence one of the best resources for today's serious rider or property owner. 

Our industry and business associates believe that our unique integration of skills in law enforcement, understanding of how to fight crime, business acumen and education, expertise in motorcycles, and integrity and compassion make us a vital resource and leader in the industry.

Supporting our principals is a skilled team of business and marketing professionals who share his passion for protecting the lives and valuables of our customers



Senior Personnel/History

Rueben Jackson, Founder and CEO: Mr. Jackson is a former law enforcement officer who served for 26 years protecting public safety in Atlanta , Georgia . A lifelong expert in motorcycle technology and safety, he decided to integrate his interests into businesses devoted to preventing theft and promoting security for travelers, businesspeople, and families. One of the many fruits of his entrepreneurial innovation is the Bikebone Antitheft System for which he named one of his companies, Bikebone , and for which he holds a patent. The Bikebone system is a unique antitheft towing device that combines unparalleled strength with aesthetic appeal for today's serious rider. Mr. Jackson is an author of published works as well as a guest speaker for events and features promoting business innovation, motivation and ethics, public safety, and motorcycle innovations. Mr. Jackson devotes his spare time to working with today's youth to encourage career path development, social responsibility, and appreciation of freedom and opportunity. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Senior Personnel/History (cont.)

Laura Jackson, Principal and Vice President: Professional Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Publishing Design, 3 D Design, Reverse Engineering and Engineering. Architectural studies.


Darlene Malloy, Vice President of Business Development: Talented professional with property / program management experience and solid communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. She is in charge of directing and coordinating complex programs to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Expertise in property and facility management, staff development, and relationship management. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. She's currently working on a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology .




*June, 2011 - Launching of new hit-air video for equestrian market




*December, 2010 - New Model Advantage. Product presentation, and comparison with another competitor




*October, 2010 - Launching new business to business website:



hitairequestrianUSA website



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