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Marketing and Graphic Design


Marketing is the single most important component of successfully selling a product. In fact there is no other factor that can almost guarantee you that you will sell your new idea or invention for a product or service.

Our Marketing and Graphic Design service is provided to help people with the development of sales literature and marketing for their new ideas and inventions.

Here are the steps in the PEDCO Marketing and Graphic Design Process: Our graphic design department will then create dazzling brochures and product portfolios and other marketing materials.


These marketing pieces can be generated from the CAD programs, from 35-mm photographic images or from any digitally generated source.


We use a combination of powerful graphic design softwares such as the Adobe Family and Corel Draw, to help to establish a distinctive corporate identity through logo, stationary, product graphic specifications, etc.


We can produce the finished product printed with high quality color laser printers.

Once the design has been completed and approved by the client, we can usually have the finished product ready within 72 hours.


We can also assist in developing marketing strategies and help identify the target markets for the new invention or literary work.


Our graphic designs can also be used on existing websites or we can help with the designing of new websites.



Web site design and development

There has been a lot of excitement generated by the success of many
Internet based businesses. E-commerce through the World Wide Web has leveled the playing field so that small businesses can effectively compete with larger more established companies.


Our Web design service offers an extremely affordable solution to marketing and selling our client's finished products or services.


Since June 2011 you can access to our GRAPHIC AND WEBSITE DESIGN services directly through:




Many great ideas are never developed simply because the would-be inventor lacks the knowledge or information of how the patent process works. PEDCO recognizes this problem and offers a preliminary patent searching service.


We also offer a patent drafting service, which includes creating the patent drawings that are necessary for submission of a patent application.


Here are the steps in the PEDCO Patent process:

A typical client will come to us with an idea for a new invention. We begin the process with our representatives signing a proprietary non-disclosure agreement. This agreement gives the inventor some very important safeguards to protect his idea from being stolen or developed by others.


The next step is to review the proprietary information and discuss the practical application of the new invention and how it functions.

At this point we also discuss what products or services that this new invention is intended to replace or compete with.


This information provides us with the basic information that we need to began the preliminary patent search.


Next, is to draft the patent. PEDCO can help to draft the actual patent and provide information on how to apply for a provisional patent application which gives the inventor certain benefits such as the option to take the product to market while they wait for the full patent to be issued.




Product Development


After the patent process is completed, the next step is for our design specialists to create the invention using a Computer Assisted Design system (CAD) to discover possible design flaws and to see if the invention will work as it was intended to.


With the CAD program, we can now generate a set of drawings for the invention. From the CAD program we also generate the blue prints that are necessary for each component part of the invention to be made for the prototype and later for the manufacturing purposes.


Our computer aided design (CAD) specialists can provide exciting and realistic 3-D modeling for the invention. The computer generates a working model in 3 dimensions with incredible realism. This gives the inventor an opportunity to see for the first time how his invention will actually work in real life, (or if the invention will work in real life).


The next step is to make a model of the invention in clay or wood. We have one of the finest Old World Pattern Makers available to make realistic working models of an almost endless number of design ideas. These models are made of the finest wood and the end product is truly a work of art.

Blue Print

The next step in the process is to have a working prototype made for testing purposes. The drawings and blue prints are delivered to our prototyping facilities. Our machine shop technicians further analyze the project and finally a prototype is made. Our machinists are among the most experienced in working with a wide variety of metals and are knowledgeable in the design process as well.








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